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How to Find Affordable Wedding Dresses Near Dallas, Texas

Ask a bride what the most important element of her wedding is and most of them will say the dress. Many girls dream of what their wedding dress will look like from the time they are small children.

But then they grow up and find out that their dream wedding dress costs $5,000!

Thus, many brides have to settle for something less. Even so, the average amount that brides are spending on their dresses in the U.S. is between $1,500 and $2,000. That’s no small change.

So how do you find affordable wedding dresses in Dallas, TX?

We’re so glad you asked. Keep reading for our top tips!

Try Consignment Shops

People only wear their wedding dresses one time. It’s not like they get worn out. However, there is still a social stigma around wearing a second-hand wedding dress.

If it doesn’t bother you, you can save a bundle by buying your dress from a consignment shop. No one will know that it was worn once before anyway…unless you tell them.

Of course, a potential problem is finding the perfect dress that fits. You won’t be able to order it in your size. You can make alterations as necessary to a dress that mostly fits, but keep the price in mind in case it drives up the cost of the dress too much.

Shops that Sell Sample Dresses

If you just can’t bring yourself to buy a second-hand dress, you can still save! Some shops in Dallas specialize in selling sample dresses. These are the dresses that brides try on in the shop. They’ve been worn, but not all day and not out to someone’s wedding.

Again, finding one that fits could be a challenge. Most sample dresses are size 6 or 8. You can make alterations but don’t forget to factor in the cost. The dress also may need small repairs or to be cleaned.

Department Stores

Who says you have to buy your wedding dress from a wedding dress boutique? Sometimes it seems like they tack on a few hundred dollars simply because the word “wedding” appears in front of “dress”.

Fancy department stores in Dallas often sell gorgeous gowns for a fraction of the cost of wedding dresses. All you have to do is pick out a white one and no one will even know that your dress isn’t technically a “wedding dress”.

Rent a Dress

Men rent their tuxes, who says the bride can’t rent her dress? If you’re the sentimental type and would prefer to box your dress up and keep it for…some reason, then this won’t be a good option for you.

However, for brides who know they won’t ever wear their dress again, this is a great way to save.

Finding Shops that Sell Affordable Wedding Dresses

So where do you find these shops that sell affordable wedding dresses in Dallas? You don’t have to look far!

Simply head down to Plaza Garland on Broadway Blvd in Garland, TX. With over 150 retail spaces, this shopping center is full of small shops and boutiques where you can find just about anything…including an affordable wedding dress.