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The benefits of shopping local

Local shopping has grown in popularity over the past few years because of several good reasons. Shopping at neighborhood stores has many advantages, and Plaza Garland in Garland,Texas  is a terrific place to start. In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages of supporting your neighborhood stores and why Plaza Garland is the best place to […]

9 Great Things to Do in Garland

What would you do if you had one full day in a brand-new city? In Garland, Texas, it’s possible to explore dining, entertainment, nature, and history without leaving the city limits. The only question is where to begin your exploration of this charming, historically significant town. Like all things Texan, Garland is a big place, […]

A Guide to the Best Garland Restaurants

When you think about foodie destinations in Texas, you might groan. Do you really need to spend over three hours in the car for a creative culinary outing in Austin? Only locals know that Garland, Texas, is an unsung hub of gastronomic brilliance, and we’ve decided to share Dallas County’s best-kept secret with you. Outsiders […]

Things To Do At Plaza Garland While Your Wife’s At The Beauty Salon

Is your wife planning to visit a beauty salon at Plaza Garland? There is no need to leave so quickly or wait outside, twiddling your thumbs. Plaza Garland is full of things for you to do too. Plaza Garland is a great spot to visit when in the area and is one of the top […]

7 Common Mall Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

There are over 115,000 shopping centers across the US. Despite the growth of online shopping, consumers still recognize the many advantages of heading to indoor malls such as Plaza Garland in Texas. That said, whether you’re on the lookout for electronics, shopping for clothes, or just browsing, it’s easy to get carried away under those bright mall lights. And all too often, […]

Top 10 Restaurants in Garland for First-Time Visitors

Did you know that Garland was voted one of the best cities to live in for millennials? With high unemployment and a low cost of living, many are realizing the potential the town has. But did you know about its bustling gastronomic scene? From upmarket dining to fast food, Garland has it all. Read on as we give […]