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How to Buy a Couch That Will Stick With You for Years to Come

The average couch has a lifetime of 11 years during which its owners will spend over 6,000 hours on it watching television. Needless to say, your couch is a very important investment that will influence your level of comfort at home.

You need to determine how to buy a couch that meets your needs. Buying a couch is easy but learning how to buy a good quality couch, or how to buy a cheap couch can be tricky.

Knowing how to buy a good couch is all about setting up a framework for what you are looking for and striking when the iron is hot once you see your opportunity. Read on to learn all you need to know about couch shopping.

Starting Your Quest for the Perfect Couch

The first step in finding your dream couch is to outline your criteria for what you want. You should analyze some of the following couch characteristics.


From leather to plush, there are a ton of different couch materials to choose from. When choosing materials you have a decision to make between comfort and durability. Everyone weighs these two factors differently.

Balancing these two factors can be a good way to find a functional couch. You should also think about the aesthetics of a couch when choosing materials. If you want your couch to match a room’s design theme keep this in mind.


If you have a small apartment you may not want a large couch that takes up a ton of space. On the other hand, if you are furnishing a larger home a small couch may not be able to fit your entire family.

Measure the biggest door of your dwelling to find out the size limitations for your couch. Try to have an idea of what room you want to put your new couch in so you can get a good feel for its ideal size.


Nowadays your couch can do everything from elevate your feet to charge your phone. Deciding what kind of features you want on your couch is one of the most exciting parts of couch shopping.

Think about the following features:

  • recliner
  • charging port
  • heated seat
  • massage chair
  • fold-out bed

These are just a few examples of the features your couch can have. Get creative and do some research to see what is out there.

Type of Couch

From the humble loveseat to the expansive sectional, there are many types of couches to consider. The type of couch you choose can complete a room’s layout. Put careful thought into the best type of couch for your needs.


If you are on a budget you may not be prepared to pay the large price of a large couch. Fancy features are also expensive. Their expense may limit the selection of couches in your price range.

Always factor in price and your budget before selecting a couch. Otherwise, you may find your ideal couch only to realize that you can’t afford it.

How to Buy a Couch Near You

Ordering a couch online doesn’t make much sense as you will be paying a lot of money for shipping and handling such a bulky item. Your best bet is to find a place close to home where you can examine various couch options in person.

Selecting Couch Brands

You can peruse some pictures of couches online or in a catalog and see what brands are most appealing to you. You can then find retailers in your local area that carry them.

If you want a couch that will stand the test of time you should pick some name brands. If money is a huge factor for you, a name-brand company should still have some baseline models you can afford.

Going to a Mall Is Most Convenient

Rather than driving all over town, you should find one convenient location for your couch shopping needs. You should find a mall that has multiple furniture shops in one place.

Couch shopping can be tiring and stressful so make sure your chosen mall has food, entertainment, and shopping all under one roof. Going to a place with full facilities will allow you and your family to enjoy your shopping experience.

How to Buy a Couch on a Budget

If you have a tight budget you need to focus on how to buy a cheap couch. There are plenty of cheap couches out there if you are savvy enough to know how and where to find them. Here are some budget-saving strategies.

Make Sacrifices

You may not be able to get a couch with your ideal size or coloration. Be willing to settle for a sturdy couch that is comfortable and functional. If you are willing to take a simpler or misfit couch your budget will go a lot farther.

Shop Around

Don’t settle for the cheapest couch at the first store you walk into. Another retailer might have a clearance couch or some other great deal. If time is on your side you can afford to shop around for a great deal.

Work Out a Payment Plan

Many retail locations will allow you to finance your couch with a payment plan. A payment plan is where you make monthly installments on the overall value of your couch to the retailer or a third party.

You can also take out a small loan from a bank or other lender to finance your couch. Just make sure to have the income to make the monthly payments or you may end up owing more than the value of the couch in interest.

Find Your Dream Couch

The ticket to finding your dream couch is finding some ideal couch retailers near you. Now armed with your new knowledge about how to buy a couch, you can establish couch criteria and head to your nearest mall.

If you live in North Eastern Texas your best bet is Plaza Garland. Plaza Garland is the premier Garland Mall servicing the Dallas metro area. It has multiple furniture stores to help your couch quest so contact the Garland plaza today.