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Best Time to Buy Clothes: A Seasonal Guide to Save

Do you love a good bargain?

As it turns out, many people are always bargain hunting. That’s because scoring the best deals not only makes them feel smart but also encourages them to shop more.

Now, if you feel the same way, you know that even if you want to, you can’t go shopping all day, every day. You have to time it right so that when you do shop, you’re able to stretch your dollars and make the most out of your purchases.

The good news is, at least for clothing, the best time to buy clothes can be year-round. Here, we’ll share how you can maximize your shopping dollars by knowing when to shop for clothes.

Mark Your Calendar for These Months

The end of the season is one of the best times to buy clothes. That means either late January to early February or late August to early September.

As long as you train your eye to buy classic wardrobe staples, you don’t need to worry if you’re buying something that’s from last season. You can even buy summer clothes during the winter or vice-versa to enjoy really steep discounts.

Watch out for These Special Days

If you don’t mind the crowds, you’ll find December 26 to be the best day of the year to go shopping. Most retailers are eager to get rid of any excess inventory so finding good deals on clothes is a definite thing.

Other days to take note of include Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, Independence Day, and so on. These days are almost always accompanied by a sale, especially if they fall on a weekend.

The Best Time to Buy Clothes When You Want to Shop More

Now, if you can’t wait until the end of the season or for holiday sales, you can still go shopping as long as you know which items of clothing to buy.

For example, the best time to buy suits would be in January, as well as winter coats, winter apparel, and sneakers. As for February, you can expect discounts on jewelry, especially after Valentine’s Day.

In March, there aren’t that many clothing sales, so you should wait for April to buy raincoats. Come May, there’d be an influx of athletic wear, followed by summer collections, which should go on sale in late August.

For October, stock up on jeans, as these would be discounted after the back-to-school rush. Then in December, there are some good deals on outerwear, but not as good as those offered in January.

Where to Shop Is Also Important

Now that you know the best time to buy clothes, don’t forget that where you shop is just as important.

If you want to score some excellent deals, check us out. Plaza Garland is a multicultural shopping center that houses plenty of retailers and restaurants. There’s also entertainment on the weekends, so you can be sure to have a great time every time you visit.

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