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Baby Fashion Ideas That’ll Keep Your Child Warm Through a Texas Winter

Though dressing yourself might be a no-brainer, dressing your kid up is a different story.

From frostbite to hypothermia, there’s a lot at stake when your tiny tyke isn’t able to protect themselves from the harsh chill of winter weather!

So if you’re wondering how to dress a baby in winter, understand that there is a science to it. But as long as you understand the science, then your child’s baby fashion can be as warm as it is cute.

If you’re interested in learning more, then keep reading. Below, we’ll cover a few baby fashion ideas that will keep your child warm and cozy for the winter.

Layer Up!

When it’s cold, it’s always a good idea to fit your baby in at least 1+ layer than an adult would wear. That’s because heat can get trapped between layers, which can both add and insulate warmth.

Not only that, but layers allow you to gradually cool them down or warm them up. You can regulate their temperature with more control, rather than choosing between an extreme chill or heat. Taking off one layer at a time might be more comfortable for your child, rather than having them only choose between bundling up in a thick parka and their tank top underneath.

But there’s a strategy to layering right. You don’t want your child to be too cold, but mislayering can make them even colder even if you’ve put them in plenty of layers.

First, make sure that the first layer that touches their skin can repel moisture. Synthetic materials or wool are best for this purpose. However, you might want a more breathable fabric if your child is eczema-prone.

Next, you’ll want an insulating material such as fleece or wool. Finally, your last layer has to be waterproof and breathable. All this will allow your child to have as much mobility and comfort as possible while staying warm.

Hats, Scarves, Gloves, Earmuffs, and Socks

If your child loses heat through their body, it’s most likely through their hands, neck, hands, and feet. That’s why all of these body parts must be extra-protected during cold weather.

Hats will protect the head, while scarves will insulate warmth around their neck. They’ll also look stylish while bundled up, doubling the utility of these adorable baby clothes!

Even if your child is wearing footie pajamas, it’s best to fit them with socks underneath. Wearing gloves and earmuffs will ensure that your baby’s hands and ears stay protected from the cold too.

All these extra measures aren’t only necessary to ward off hypothermia and discomfort. The gloves, earmuffs, and socks in particular are also crucial for preventing frostbite. How much of this advice you follow will depend on how cold it is outside, but it’s easier to ditch the mittens and stuff them in your bag than it is to procure them when there isn’t a pair around!

Make Sure Their Clothes Fit

Kids grow fast. But instead of lamenting over the transient nature of toddler fashion, it’s a better idea to keep up and make sure that your kids’ clothes fit.

This isn’t only for the sake of snazzy styling. Clothes that are too small can constrict their blood circulation, which can be dangerous for several reasons — including the fact that they can become colder because of it.

Wearing clothes that are too big isn’t ideal either, since it can thwart that insulation that they need to stave off chilly weather. For very young children, clothes that are too big might even be dangerous. They might suffocate and trip with extra material, and might not be able to communicate to you if they’re in danger.

Pack Extra Clothes

Children are prone to getting in trouble, even if they don’t mean to. They might trip into a puddle, spill their drink onto themselves, or even rip their clothes while passing a tree trunk. When this happens, you want to be prepared.

This means packing an extra change of baby winter clothes while you’re out. While this may seem like a hassle, it can make a world of difference if disaster does strike. Instead of hastily making a trip back home and ruining a day out to the mall, you can pull your child into a restroom and fix your dilemma within minutes.

If this seems too bulky, then always pack an extra change of clothes in the car if you drove to your destination. You’ll still be able to enjoy the rest of your day without delaying your plans too much.

Fleece, Not Cotton

While cotton is usually a great material for babies to wear, it’s a trickier topic when it comes to cold weather. Sure, cotton is a great, breathable material for the summer. It’s usually recommended above other materials, especially for babies with sensitive skin.

But even if your child is eczema-prone, it won’t do them any good to fit them in cotton if the weather’s really cold. If your child sweats in their clothing, cotton will soak it up without letting it ventilate through and out your clothing. From then on, your child might feel colder with the subsequent mixture of wet and cold.

Instead, use fleece. If your child is eczema-prone, just make sure they’re not too hot overall, since overheating can exacerbate eczema symptoms. But otherwise, fleece is a great option for any child that needs to keep warm.

Winter Baby Fashion: Bundle Up, Little Tyke!

Adult fashion might sacrifice comfort and practicality for a stunning look. But when it comes to baby fashion ideas, it’s crucial that your baby feels as great as they look!

At Plaza Garland, we understand what our shoppers need. That’s why we’re home to many great clothing stores, including those that can cater to your child! So if you need a winter baby fashion wardrobe, check us out today.