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A Guide to the Best Garland Restaurants

When you think about foodie destinations in Texas, you might groan. Do you really need to spend over three hours in the car for a creative culinary outing in Austin? Only locals know that Garland, Texas, is an unsung hub of gastronomic brilliance, and we’ve decided to share Dallas County’s best-kept secret with you.

Outsiders have been sleeping on our favorite high-quality, multicultural Garland Restaurants. That’s good news for anyone with an appetite because it means you can be the first to recommend these undiscovered gems. Everyone you know will think you’re a tastemaker-in-training; we won’t tell if you won’t!

We’ve curated this guide to shed light on a few of Garland’s most delicious, undiscovered dining destinations. Read on to explore a range of cuisines, treats, deals, and culinary experiences.

Garland Mall: Ethnic Fare Under One Roof

Our first stop on the culinary tour of Garland is the Plaza Garland Mall, a one-stop shop for everything a local or visiting family might need to dress their best, discover a new treasure, or celebrate a milestone. Many people don’t know that it’s also home to a microcosm of international cuisines. Garland Plaza is home to eleven dynamic eateries (and counting).

Here are a few of our favorite local haunts in the Garland Bazaar.

Tres Hermanas Restaurante Salvadoreño

When was the last time you tried a new cuisine? If you haven’t tried Salvadorean food, you’re missing out on some of the freshest South American flavors. Tres Hermanas is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and they’re sure to offer something you’ve never tried before.

If you’re unsure where to start, we can’t recommend the pupusas highly enough. Go classic and vegetarian-friendly with the pupusas frijole con queso, loroco, or espinacas (spinach). You’ll fall in love with their flavorful pork rinds, or get it all in one bite with the Papusas Loca.

Gorditas La Mexicana

The locals will be cross when they find out we’ve spilled the frijoles about one of the best Mexican eateries in Garland. It’s a sit-down restaurant with take-out options where you can sit back and enjoy a live mariachi performance. Come for the authentic flavors and handmade tortillas at this locally owned and operated small business.

Eliza’s Fruteria

If you’re looking for a sweet way to end your trip to Plaza Garland, stop by Eliza’s Fruteria. You won’t find a better mangonada, and the fresas con crema are to die for.

We’re huge fans of the loaded crepes, which they make fresh. They are fully customizable with your favorite sweet toppings, from fruit to dulce de leche.

Frankly, Eliza’s also offers some of the most flavorful savory fare around. Come for the life-changing elote, but stay for the incredible torta de nieve. It’s some of the freshest food anywhere in Garland.

Beyond the Plaza: Other Dining Options

While you can’t beat the convenience of Garland Mall, there are plenty of other dining options beyond the bazaar. Here are a few high-octane bites to find throughout Garland, from the bustling downtown to the tranquil city center. You might discover that your new favorite dish was within walking distance all along.

Pangea Restaurant

It’s a big deal to beat celebrity chef Bobby Flay at his own game, but Kevin Ashade managed to do so. This French-trained chef has brought his innovative cuisine back home to Garland. Pangea is one of the few places where locals can sample Chef Kev’s world-famous coq au vin, among other complex, international dishes.

The food at Pangea is high-end but affordable, making it the perfect date night destination in Garland. For a fancy girls’ morning out, stop by for brunch and experience Chef Kev’s innovative take on this millennial favorite.

Meshack’s BBQ Shack

A joint like Meshack’s has a reputation for being “old school,” but there’s a reason this type of establishment has survived this long. This roadside staple may not have seating, but it has a menu bursting with robust BBQ flavor. The menu hasn’t changed since 1978 because these local folks got things right the first time, and they deserve your support.

TLC on the Lake

TLC on the Lake bills itself as a true scratch kitchen. That means the chefs make everything fresh to order, from the delicate brunch dishes to the popular all-beef burgers.

Order one of several specialty cocktails and take in the breathtaking view. The affordable prices make this an ideal family dining destination. You’ll find a range of comforting American fare elevated by fresh ingredients.


Piefalootin is the sweet conclusion to our culinary tour of Garland, and for a good reason. This beloved institution sells handmade pie by the slice, with an ever-changing menu of innovative, artisanal choices.

Rather than pumpkin pie, you’ll find slices of Pumpkin Spice Latte or Punkin Awesome. Treat your tastebuds to a suspiciously delicious combination such as Cherry Jalapeno. There will always be classics, too, such as Texas Pecan and Apple Crumble.

If you have a hard time deciding, Piefalootin has you covered. Ask for a “pie flight” to enjoy three slim slices of your choice on a single dish. You can even build a DIY pie featuring a quarter of four distinct flavors!

Discover What’s for Dinner at These Garland Restaurants

When you think of Garland, you probably conjure images of stunning parks, family-friendly communities, and plenty of shopping. It’s time to change the story and let the world know that Garland Restaurants are exciting, vital culinary destinations with plenty to offer the dining scene. Grab a bite at one of these gems and watch great local food bring people together.

If you can’t decide what to try first, stop by Plaza Garland, the premier indoor, family-friendly Plaza Bazaar. Garland Mall is a one-stop shop for diverse, high-quality cuisine under one roof. Begin planning your trip to discover the multifaceted flavors at the Plaza near me.