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7 Common Mall Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

There are over 115,000 shopping centers across the US. Despite the growth of online shopping, consumers still recognize the many advantages of heading to indoor malls such as Plaza Garland in Texas.

That said, whether you’re on the lookout for electronics, shopping for clothes, or just browsing, it’s easy to get carried away under those bright mall lights. And all too often, this can lead to making some of the most common mall shopping mistakes around.

From sizing slip-ups to hungry shopping, keep reading to learn the errors to avoid next time you hit the mall!

1. Going Shopping to Feel Better

It’s natural to get a mood boost when you go shopping and find an item you love. But going shopping for the sole purpose of making yourself feel better is a big mistake.

Sure, you can head to the mall with your friends to enjoy an event or even help them find something they’re looking for. Window shopping is fine too, as long as you’re the kind of person who can browse without buying. But if you need that rush that only a new purchase can give you, it’s best to leave your credit card at home and only take a small amount of cash to the mall.

2. Failing to Consider Your Personal Style

With so many different stores and styles under one roof, it’s easy to fall in love with everything you see at Plaza Garland. But when shopping for clothes, a huge part of a successful mall shopping strategy is knowing how to separate items you like from the items that suit your personal style. For example, you might love those chunky red boots. But what would you wear them with?

All too often we make regrettable impulse purchases without first considering how these new items would fit into our existing wardrobe. While there’s nothing wrong with trying to branch out and experiment a little, you need to make sure that any new items you buy combine well with the styles and colors already in your closet.

3. Not Setting a Budget

The mall is always a great place to shop till you drop! But unless you set yourself a strict budget, you could end up burning a hole in your credit card.

If you’re shopping for clothes or accessories, as well as considering your personal style, try to build a closet full of trend-proof staples such as a blazer, leather boots, and a striped t-shirt. Once you have these basics covered, you’ll find it easier to stick to a budget when shopping as you’ll be a lot more discerning.

If you’re looking to buy furniture, electronics, or other big-ticket items, it’s vital to do your research beforehand and set a budget accordingly. But remember, finding a balance between price and quality should be the prime objective of your mall shopping strategy.

4. Buying Without Trying

One of the biggest advantages that in-person shopping has over online shopping is being able to try items on before you buy them. Even if you always take the same size and have a similar item in a different color, skipping the changing rooms and heading straight for the cash register is a bad idea.

Clothes often run smaller or larger than the sizing label indicates while different color dyes can change the fit of certain garments and fabrics. Likewise, most people have one foot bigger than the other so it’s always wise to try on both shoes when shopping for footwear.

5. Not Asking for Assistance

Retail assistants are there to assist you, so make sure to ask them if you need help for whatever reason! Not only do they know their store and products like the back of their hand, but they’re also happy to help make your shopping experience a more enjoyable and efficient one.

Rifling through racks of clothes in search of your size can get old fast. Instead, why not ask whether they have it in stock? Or maybe they could order it for you if it’s not there right now. Likewise, assistants can offer advice and recommendations about their products, explaining which models and brands might be better suited to your preferences.

6. Shopping When Hungry

While it’s easy to spend hours browsing all those great Plaza Garland stores, it’s a big mistake not to stop for food when you start to get hungry. Not least because it can lead to making expensive impulse purchases that you’ll regret later.

If you’ve ever headed to the grocery store when you’re hungry, you’ll know how powerless you are to resist the rows of snack foods and unhealthy choices. But this phenomenon doesn’t only apply when shopping for food. Even if you’re shopping for clothes, electronics, or other items unrelated to your appetite, you’re more likely to spend money when you’re hungry.

With this in mind, it’s worth adding a lunchtime or dinnertime pitstop into your mall shopping strategy. With plenty of dining options to choose from at the Plaza Garland food court, it’s easy to satisfy your hunger before you head back to the stores.

7. Not Taking Advantage of the Mall Facilities and Services

It can also be difficult to concentrate on which shoes fit you better or which speakers you prefer if you need to use the restroom! One of the big advantages of heading to the mall rather than stores out on the street is that there are always restrooms and other handy facilities under the same roof. So make sure you take advantage of them if you need them!

For example, many malls offer services and extras such as strollers and wheelchairs, Wi-Fi hot spots, and phone charging stations. For businesses, these services are great for boosting mall traffic. But for customers, they can make the mall shopping experience a lot easier and more pleasurable.

Mall Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

No doubt you’ve made at least one of these mall shopping mistakes in the past.

But with these tips to guide you, you can be sure that common errors like going over budget or buying clothes that don’t match your style at all won’t happen again! Instead, you can focus on enjoying everything that the mall has to offer, including a great range of food and entertainment options as well as shopping!

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